How Narrative Insights will help Online Retailers or e-Commerce websites?

Web analytics plays a significant role in judging the performance of a website. As an e-commerce business owner, I’m sure you have used a few leading analytics tools for your website performance analysis.

Using traditional analytics platforms like Google analytics comes with its fair share of drawbacks; one of the most jarring is their complicated dashboard!

Take one look at this image, and I’m pretty sure you are equally overwhelmed as we are

The only way you can decipher anything from Google Analytics is to learn their language or take the help of their complex tutorials that will make you run around in circles, or your last resort is to hire a data analyst who will make sense of the data for you.

As a small or medium-sized e-commerce business, you cannot afford to hire experts or pay exorbitant amounts to avail of all the features. To circumvent these complex problems, we at TrueInsights have a simple solution!

We have replaced intricate dashboards with narrative insights; it’s as simple as that.

Humans tend to prefer illustrations, but a good story will remain in our memory.

This is precisely what we do; we untangle the complicated metrics and present them in the form of a simple easy to read story, which we refer to as “narrative insights” that look like this.

TrueInsights allows you to track trends, customer behavior, and market shifts at a glimpse without the need for a data analyst.

Here we divide the metrics into five different categories.

The Activity category shows the number of clicks on different parts of your website and the total number of clicks for the week, month, or quarter.

The Social category indicates the number of users who found the page through organic links on search engines, social media sites, or through referrals where the users came from clicking on links on another website.

Acquisition describes the number of new users who have joined the e-commerce website for that specific day, week, month, or year and the referrer from which the active users are generated.

The Behavior category gives the information on the top viewed pages, page bounces, the average bounce rate for each page, the average sessions, the most popular browser, the most popular device, etc., and the location of the maximum number of sessions are recorded.

The Audience category again shows the active users, the total new users, the countries that record the maximum visits, and the most popular devices the prospects use.

The best part is that apart from these built-in categories, you can also customize your own narrative insights that suit your business needs.

Get TrueInsights now for your e-commerce website! You can access our easy-to-use narrative insight services by signing up on the TrueInsights portal (, or TrueInsights is available as a free WordPress plugin ( if you use WordPress sites.

TrueInsights opens up the world of complex metrics and complicated business jargon to everyone by using easy-to-read, easy-to-understand narrative insights.

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